Business Intelligence

ALASTEM can offer several layers of Business Intelligence support services tailored for all stages of your project depending on your needs.

  1. Market researches
  2. SWOT and PEST analysis to various degrees of details
  3. Web-scrapping of data
  4. Sorting of internal key data sets in a comprehensive way
  5. Sorting and highlighting market trends
  6. In-depth descriptive and/or quantitative analysis of data sets
  7. Development of formulas, models and complex indicators
  8. Support you in elaborating executive strategies

Just as importantly, and for any of these layers, we will report those informations in a manner that are readily available and understandable and make sure you keep governance.

Our goal is to provide extensive control over the data through actionable insights that are relevant to you and to support your decision-making processes.

If you need more information about the how we can support and improve your decision-making, check out the detailed article about business intelligence to further define your needs.